007 What You Need to Know to Grow – James Loomstein of Rogue Marketing

Growth, Marketing, Specialization, Strategy

James loomsteinJames Loomstein is co-founder of Rogue Marketing in Dallas, Texas, a college professor, and regular speaker at digital marketing conferences such as Pubcon.

James talks indepth about marketing, project management, specialization, and pricing. The story that runs through the interview is how to take your business to the next level by transforming yourself from a “wandering generality” into a “meaningful specific.” 

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  • Dear Chris, i was so lucky to find your podcast some days ago, I’ve been listen one chapter per day, and now i love it. I’m working at a digital agency and starting my own small agency. Your podcast is inspiring and so far educational, i feel really grateful. Thanks man! greetings from Colombia.

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