Headshot of Jared Mirsky Wick and Mortar agency

044 The Cannabis Niche – Jared Mirsky of Wick & Mortar

Headshot of Jared Mirsky Wick and Mortar agencyJared Mirsky is CEO of Wick & Mortar, a branding and marketing agency specializing in the cannabis industry. Jared started out as a freelancer working with local nightclubs on branding and marketing.  He used a combination of Yelp and SEO tactics to grow his client base. His work with nightclubs led to the cannabis industry and legalization became a catalyst for business growth. Jared has used his personal brand, as well as deep insights into the cannabis industry, to put Wick and Mortar center stage. Jared and Wick & Mortar have been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, CNN, Geekwire, The Dieline, HighTimes, and more. Find out how narrowing your focus can take your agency even higher.

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