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Isaac Szymanczyk Conveyor

015 Content First – Isaac Szymanczyk of Conveyor

Isaac Szymanczyk ConveyorConveyor is an agency that specializes in content creation and strategy. They develop content for websites, social media campaigns, blogs, print materials, and more. 

In this episode, Conveyor’s Isaac Szymanczyk talks about a ‘content first’ approach to design. He also explains how Conveyor started out and discusses content strategy, content management, content planning, and more.

Whether you create content in-house, rely on your clients to create content, or outsource your content to an agency like Conveyor, Isaac has some really great actionable advice. Don’t forget to stick around for his 3 takeaways at the end of the show.


You can check out Conveyor online at

Follow Isaac on Twitter here:@IsaacSzy

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