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Mike Arnesen UpBuild

030 Question the Defaults: Selling SEO with Mike Arnesen of UpBuild

Mike Arnesen UpBuildMike Arnesen founded UpBuild, a technical marketing agency that offers a winning cocktail of conversion rate optimization, analytics, and SEO. Mike leveraged his prior agency experience and reputation as a thought leader and speaker to build an agency that was almost instantly successful.

In this episode, Mike tells how he built up the courage to start public speaking, how his personal brand helped him kickstart his agency, and we get into some of the finer points of selling SEO services in 2017.

You definitely don’t need to be super technical or an SEO expert to enjoy and learn from this interview. Be sure not to miss Mike’s takeaways at the end of the show.

Here’s the article that Mike mentioned during the show: How We Make a Remote Team Work

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