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Aleta and Christa at Murmur Creative

025 Managing an Interactive Project Start to Finish – Part 2

Aleta and Christa at Murmur CreativeManaging interactive projects (websites and apps) ain’t easy. And it takes a special kind of personality to make sure all the necessary steps are followed and the feedback, deliverables, research, and “everything else” can happen in a timely manner.  In this two-part interview, accomplished producers Christa Arriaga-Volker and Aleta Fullenwider, walk us through the project management process start-to-finish.

Aleta and Christa have spent their entire professional careers pushing projects from infancy to maturity. They are both producers (AKA project managers) at a 21-person digital agency here in Portland, OR.

Part 2

In the second installment of this interview, Aleta and Christa talk about UI/UX, design, development, product launch, and more.

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