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036 Cultivating a Creative Culture With Justin Dauer

Justin Dauer is a designer and author who just published a book called Cultivating a Creative Culture. The book comes from Justin’s experience working at a variety of creative agencies and focuses on the importance of creating a human-centric culture.

Justin has some really amazing tips for onboarding new employees. Some of which we have already begun implementing here at Murmur Creative.

Pick up Cultivating a Creative Culture today on Amazon.

About Justin

Justin Dauer is multi-talented, multi-tattooed, multi-pierced designer, author, and user advocate from Chicago. Through bloodshot tunnel vision, he’s drawn from career experiences across agency side, client side, design studio, and pure tech to foster healthy, dynamic, supportive creative cultures. Crafting as the Vice President of UX & Development for bswift ( by day, his personal creative outlet by night (…and day) is pseudoroom (, the same moniker by which he tweets (



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